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We started up on 17.02.2020, just before some of our people went to Australia.

Team Firefighters is a group / association that consists of firefighters who go out into the EU and help where we can now. It can be forest fires, floods, collapses, reconstruction, where many are wanted, in short we go out into the world’s hotspots

Everyone on Team Firefighters has a background as a firefighter, or in the emergency department. Thus, we also know what it is we are doing when we are out. Not that we say we are heroes and just know all things. But we try to do it as best we can, with our experiences here at home and when we are sent out.

In addition, some of us have been deployed – both in Sweden where the forest fire raged in 2018. Some have also been in Australia 2020 where forest fires also raged there.

We are not heroes, but just firefighters who want to go out and help others, and help create safety and security for the citizens again.

This association is a voluntary association, therefore we do not just get things from outside or financial support. It can sometimes be difficult – therefore we are also looking for people who may. can help us. Possibly. with material or smaller or larger amounts. You can possibly contact us if you would like it via our contact page or by going here (the link comes) and support us that way.

Remember small donations also make sense. Since we need equipment, etc. you can always donate larger or smaller amounts from here


Team Firefighters consists of a manager, a logistics employee, office woman and then volunteers. The volunteers can sign up for Team Firefighters and be notified when and if Team Firefighters are needed around the world. That way, we can quickly get volunteers.